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Interactive AR Publications


Introduce a feature rich AR application alongside your print and/or digital publication, extending the reach and engagement through immersive editorial pieces, data visualisation and sponsored partner experiences.

Bring articles to life through interactive content and give sponsors and advertisers a unique opportunity to engage and delight readers like never before.



Event & Conferences AR Companion

Create an Event and Conference Companion AR App to provide your visitors with a set of invaluable tools and services, to enhance their conference experience - before, during and after the event.

See your conference map in 3D; allow your visitors to familiarise themselves with the conference layout before the event, and acts as a guide and planner during – allowing attendees to see the latest event schedule or the locations of exhibitors that they care about – all in live time.

Networking doesn’t have to be a chore; gamify the act of meeting key people at your conference. Exhibitors and speakers are issued with a unique symbol on their conference badge and attendees are encouraged to ‘capture’ the symbols, earning points and prizes.



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