Morningstar Investor Conference 2018:
3D Maps & Token Rewards

Mesmerise worked with Morningstar to develop an AR mobile application to enhance the Morningstar Investment Conference experience. The app has several features, allowing attendees to augment the map of the conference with interactive, live data or place a 3D floor plan of the venue anywhere they want.

"Once you launch the app and click on the related icon," says Antoine Fougea, Lead Developer of the app at Mesmerise, “it will scan your environment and will detect the horizontal flat surfaces around you.

“At this point, you can pin a 3D floor plan like a model of the venue to this specific plane. So, you scan it, you see the plane and you pin the 3D floor plan on it and once it’s pinned, you can walk away, come back, you can turn around it, it’ll stay on that horizontal surface.”


To facilitate and promote attendees’ interaction, the app also features a token-collection function. “There are QR codes all around the conference venue,” says Antoine, “and the user will have to seek for people holding these specific QR codes or for locations marked with a specific sign with the QR code.

“When you collect a QR code, you obtain a little token, some sort of coin with an icon that you can see through the app. You can take a picture of that and share that online, for example”.


The more tokens you collect, the higher the rewards will be. “It’s a real discovery game,” says Marshall. “You can level up at ten, twenty and thirty tokens. At ten tokens, an attendee will be able to choose from a variety of Morningstar branded items from the registration desk. The AR app was designed specifically to have attendees connect with key people from the conference, from Morningstar product members to salespeople, analysts and so on.

“It’s also an innovative way of sharing our data,” she says, “When attendees scan our QR codes at exhibit hall booths, they’ll receive Morningstar data on that particular company.” The data was integrated by Mesmerise within the app, to allow attendees to get more information.

“One of the core pieces of our business is our data and our research about investments. So, being able to show our intellectual property in a way that’s engaging and interesting is one of the reasons why we’ve chosen to use it this way.”

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